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Windows Technical Support

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Improve Windows System Performance

380TECH can optimize your PC's performance and get it running like new again! There are a number of reasons why Windows computers tend to run slower as they get older. New programs use more of the PC's resources, old programs don't get uninstalled completely, the hard drive becomes fragmented as files are written and deleted, and malware and viruses can also cause the computer to run slower along with the potential of much more serious damage. A slow-running Windows PC may also be indicative of some hardware problem, such as bad memory. At 380TECH, we know how to identify and correct performance issues that can cause your Windows PC to run slow.

Windows Virus & Malware Removal

The experts at 380TECH will protect your PC from damaging virus, spam, spyware, and malware. According to a recent Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, approximately 16 million households have been infected by a virus within the last two years and 8 million households have had spyware problems in the last six months. In addition, approximately 1 million households have lost money or had accounts mis-used by phishing attacks totalling more than $4.5 billion in costs. 380TECH uses state-of-the-art virus and malware scanning, detection, and removal tools to identify and eliminate any potential threats to your computer. We can also provide anti-virus software licenses and license upgrades.

Windows Internet & Networking Assistance

380TECH can help you setup and configure your home network and get connected to the Internet. We'll help configure your networking settings to share the Internet connection, along with printers and other devices, across multiple computers and help you customize your Internet and web browser settings. We can also troubleshoot and correct network issues that prevent connectivity and inhibit your ability to work.

Windows Printer, Scanner & Device Help

If you're having trouble with your Windows PC, laptop, router, printer, scanner, camera, MP3 player or other device, 380TECH can help! Our professional technical support representatives all have significant experience in installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting Windows hardware devices and are able to quickly help identify and correct any issues. We can help setup and configure all Windows PC connected devices and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Windows PC Technical Support

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Expert Technical Support is just a click away!

If you need help with your PC, tablet, or mobile device, click the "Get Support" button below.